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July, 2018

  • 13 July

    Multiplicity 3 review: Virtual KVM software with new features and a new vendor

    3 review , Multiplicity , switch , Virtual KVM , VIRTUAL KVM ...such close proximity that having a separate display, keyboard, and mouse for each is not only confusing, but a waste of space. You can of course stick with one of each, then attach them as necessary, but that’s another time suck. A better solution is a KVM (Keyboard. Video, and Mouse) switch, or if you’re cable- and cost-averse, KVM software such as Multiplicity 3. A physical KVM switch has inputs for a keyboard, mouse, and display and sets of outputs for the same to drive multiple PCs. You run cables to said PCs then toggle between them using switches, a rotary dial, etc. With Multiplicity, you can forego the cables, instead utilizing one PC as the KVM switch (the primary PC in Multiplicity-speak) and your local network as the...